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Quarantined orders change “submitted Date” when the quarantine is cleared. This causes a lot of problems with reporting based on when the sale was actually made (when the wine was paid for). I am sure that I cant be the only one who this causes problems for and I cant think of a single department that would benefit from the current setting… please submit feature requests to get this addressed. Currently I see 3 possible solutions but please add others if you think of them.

  1. Just flat change this setting so that clearing a quarantine does not retroactively change data

  2. Add a logical field for “Quarantine Clear Date” so that it can still be tracked but does not affect submitted date

  3. Make running reports based upon “Paid Date” an option.

Please lets get this adjusted and please let me know if you have found any workarounds.


Three really good ideas, way to think outside the box.
Not sure they will listen though.

I have discovered the same problems with quarantines orders as well it really messes up reporting.

Thank you… they will listen if enough people start telling them to fix it… I posted it to their feature request page, please do the same when you have a minute. Cheers

This is a problem for us as well… paid date is paid date no longer how long the orders sit in quarantine.

Thanks Erica, I am sure this is an issue for many wineries using this system. If you have a moment please submit a feature request to them… if enough people make some noise about this they will have to address it. Hopefully more people will check the forum and get this addressed. cheers.

Just noting here that this has been addressed and the Submitted Date will no longer update after the quarantine has been cleared. You can read more here »

So we have the opposite problem. We have lots of reporting issues when they have 2 different dates on them. This issue needs to be optional, as it makes comparing our WineDirect data to our account data very very difficult.