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Referral promotion

Hi, I am wanting to set up a promo that gives club members the ability to pass on their
discount for a one time purchase? Maybe as a referral code. Then as a benefit to the club members, whose friends successfully purchase, we extend a one time discount of 30% for an online purchase. I could manually provide a code to the members who’s friends purchase but like this to be automated too if possible. Any advise? Thanks,

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Hey Bettina,

There is no built-in way or existing integration to do what you describe within WineDirect. You could build your own custom integration using a third party, but that will require some development.

If that’s not something you’re up for, you could do it manually (I recommend you start small) or use an outside system that won’t connect to WineDirect.

A referral platform is the third-most requested feature for WineDirect. Please vote below to help make it happen!

Thanks for your comprehensive and quick response…as always. I added my voice to the vote. I hope winedirect take action.

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