Reminder: We still can't change order information after completion

This is my regularly scheduled gripe:

There’s no way to edit an order after it has been completed. Every address change from the club batch requires a refund and a new order.

We just spent 80+ hours doing this in the last week. I am considering hiring additional helpers just to do this task!

Do you hate this too?

Vote for it on the ideas page. It’s already the top voted idea, but more votes wouldn’t hurt!.

This would fall into the “quality of life” features that I’m sure a lot of wineries would be thankful for.

One of the biggest hurdles, I imagine, is compliance. Would you be OK if such a feature recalculated compliance on any address change and charged/refunded the difference if required?

Additionally, would you like these edits to immediately update the order in ShipCompliant? If ShipCompliant has already pushed the orders to a Fulfillment house, would you like those changes pushed as well? What about if the order at the Fulfillment house is already fulfilled?

Seems like a simple and easy request, but I’m sure WineDirect is looking at this tangled mess of ColdFusion and sees a lot of considerations and many opportunities for things to go wrong.

I’m definitely not defending them, and would love that feature myself, but that’s probably why we’re still waiting. If I had to guess, they are holding things like this off until they can completely rewrite the order stack with modern technology.

I’m certain it’s a Coldfusion issue as well, otherwise I’d imagine it would have been done by now.

I don’t use shipcompliant (extremely bad experience left a bad taste in my mouth) so I can’t speak to that, but I can see some ways this could be improved without allowing full changes.

Something like “Flip to change order.” A new order is created with a negative quantity amount of the original order, and an additional positive quantity item.

Then, that order would go through full compliance and tax calculations, with any changes in tax or items being charged or refunded as the difference in the original order.

At the end of the transaction, the original order would be set to “no shipping required” and have a flag similar to the “This order has been refunded” flag, with a link to the new order.

This way the net balance would be zero, the customer wouldn’t be charged unless tax or items changed. Compliance would be handled, a record of what happened would be kept. I’d imagine this would be MUCH easier to code than a complete overhaul of the order system.

But that’s just like, my opinion, man.