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Repeat customers

I’m trying to create an email campaign targeting repeat customers who are NOT wine club members …with the goal of having people who have repeatedly bought our wine, join the WC.

I’d like to build a list so that I can easily email to them…doesn’t seem like I can as these folks haven’t filled out a form for this purpose (Lists seem to be based on Forms).

Could do a report…but not sure of the right one to start with.


Hi @laura_lowell,

You can target customers in ListBuilder without using a form. :slight_smile: After saving the list name, you’ll see options to target based on properties for contacts, clubs, products and orders.

Under “Club Options” to target customers who aren’t club members, you can check off your clubs under “Clubs Not” and under “Order Options” can specify that they had to have made an order in a specific timeframe.