Report for club signups by order type

My tasting room staff is supposed to hit a zero dollar SKU whenever they do an order with a wine club sign up, but they forget.

So, I need to run a report of either Club Member Signups or the Club Member and sort by date of club sign up for the month of January. I then want the total from each of our tasting room locations which could be done by sorting by order type.

Right now I run a report by “server” which I can use to run a pivot table to get totals by servers and add those for each location. But, if anyone knows of another way that would work, please share. :slight_smile:


Hey Betty,

What information, specifically, are you trying to track?

@TexasGrapes1 This sounds to me like a situation where using a sales attribute and/or source code would be the way to go. At least with those they can be added to the order after the fact if it’s forgotten when the order is entered. And, it captures the information internally without having another sku on their receipt.

I don’t have my staff do this. So, like Ed, I’m a little curious about the purpose. Good luck!

Sorry that I didn’t get back sooner. We have three “order types” for each of our locations. Fredericksburg, Grapevine, and Meadow. I want to see how many club member sign ups happen each day and or for the month for bonuses.

Right now I have the host hit a SKU for a club sign up, so that when I run a “Daily Sales Report”, I can filter by order type and see the total SKU’s sold for an individual location.

I guess what I would like is for the “Daily Activity” report under financials to only list the club sign ups from the order type or types that are selected in the filter. Right now it list the financials data from the individual location, but the names of club member sign ups from all locations or order types.

Have you tried and Order Detail report where you specify the specific SKUs you add?