Reports: Shipments (orders) by Member

Has anyone found a better way to report on # of shipments/orders by active members? When I run a report there is a shipment # column, but it is not accurate to the actual number of club shipments/orders a member has received when going in the actual member account. Does anyone know where that number (Shipments column) is being pulled from?

I think the Shipments column pulls in orders created by the Wine Club batch and not external of that.

Thank you for your response. Is there a report we could run to see “club” order type by member than?

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@sbraden Unfortunately, we don’t have any reports that would provide the number of Club Shipments a Club Member has purchased. If that’s a report you would like to see, we would encourage you to submit a Feature Request to our Product team here:

The Shipments column you are seeing in the Club Members Report is referring to Prepay Club Memberships and how many remaining shipments those memberships have available. It’s not counting the number of Shipments sent to a Club Member.

Hope this helps and sorry for the limitations!