How to track bottles sold in custom shipments?

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I am trying to track how many bottles were shipped and picked up in the customized shipments from our Fall 2018 season. The hard thing is, not all shipments were ran inside the batch. I believe this is what is causing difficulties in generating reports from WD. I have the total number of bottles all of the standard shipments for each club tier, but about half of the club orders shipped and picked up were customized. I also want to see how many members added to their standard club order as well.

Any advice and guidance is much appreciated!
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Hi @leah!

Club Orders will have a Club Shipment name recorded on it. The orders that have been customized will have “Customized” added to the end of the Shipment Name. This should be the easiest way to determine how many shipped/picked up Customized Orders have been processed.

We would recommend working with the Order Detail Report found under Reports > Sales > Order Detail. There is a column on this report titled Club Shipment and you want to look for all Shipments with “Customized” at the end. Once you isolate for these orders, you can start tallying up the “Quantity Sold” column to figure out bottles shipped/picked up.

Email us at or call our support line if you need further details on this process and we’ll be happy to assist!

What Order Type did you use?

Hello Carisen,

Thank you for your response. I did run the report you referenced below. However it does not show the number of bottles that were sold in the orders that were
ran outside the batch (ie. If someone signed up for the club post club process date and took home their first shipment.) Orders ran outside the batch were noted as a “ClubOrder” under the order type. This does show up in the Order Detail report, but it does
not show up in the report for the Fall 2018 Season which notes how many bottles were sold in a certain period of time.

For orders ran outside the batch, and noted as “ClubOrder”, will these orders show up in the “User Choice Club Seasons” report?

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What do you mean by “outside the batch”? Do you mean they were run through the AdminPanel or POS like a normal order? Or were they ran in the batch tool after your initial run?

If the former, you just need to run that Order Detail report, then go to the Club column. Remove any ClubOrder orders that have anything listed in that club. Then you can sum up the Quantity column for anything that is left and get your answer.

Orders ran outside the batch tool, even if you mark as ClubOrder, aren’t going to be in the User Choice Club Seasons report.

In the future, you may want to create a different order type for these orders like ClubManual or something.

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