Tipping at Wineries

I wanted to post a discussion topic about tipping. I wanted to get a poll of people who currently have the tipping screen on vin65 active (@Brent is this data you guys have?) and how customers react to it.

Doing a quick google search most articles say “You can if you want but it is not expected at wineries…”

@jmberry I know you’ve posted about this on Facebook but do you think you could share a few stores?

We have it on at our tasting rooms. Our tasting room staff use their discretion for its actual use. So if its not appropriate for a given transaction the staff will just tap the ‘no tip’ button so guests don’t even see the screen at all and just sign for the order.

We permit tipping. Since we are operating extended hours, and are in a resort town, we allow for tipping. At first, we did not allow it - but people kept leaving cash on the bar top.

So we enabled the tip item on POS. I have a real distaste for the 15%, 20% and so on pre-set buttons so we have created a procedure that allows us to ‘emulate’ a more common restaurant or bar style POS. Customer never sees the tip screen and if they choose to leave a tip - they can.

I feel the same way and have heard that often from others.

I think if so many of us find distaste, so do our customers, which therefore impacts repeat visits, and we sell less wine. Just saying.

This just seems like an easy fix - and I was told to put a feature request
in and we started doing that when it was first announced and numerous times


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Opposing viewpoint: we don’t allow tipping at all in the tasting room.


Can you give a little more reason why?

The owners are european and dislike tipping culture.

I also feel the same way and have expressed our distaste. Was told nobody else seems to mind it, clearly that’s not true.

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Everyone go here:

And fill out for lower or customized numbers for tip screen.



And then again, i will come back to the “why not do it like a normal restaurant POS system” where the order is on hold after the swipe and the server can add it in after the fact?

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We’ve been on Vin65 for three weeks - tips have doubled for our staff, thanks to the pre set % amounts which IMO are totally inappropriate for this kind of transaction. Also club sign ups are way down, and we compensate REALLY well for sign ups.

What’s your new procedure? We have requested a pre tip screen asking if the customer wants to leave a tip, then the tip screen pops us with no changes from the current set up. I get that to change the whole thing is work and therefore will take time.

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Our procedure. Clunky but it works:

We print a receipt and deliver to the customer, asking them to sign the chit. At this point, the hope is a tip is added to the receipt paper and signed and returned with card.
We then tap the charge button.
Swipe the card
add the tip - generally, they are round dollars
we put a smiley face in the signature panel (we captured the sig on the paper)
move on to next transaction.

While this works, sometimes we have three ipads going at once with transactions that are in process. Too KLUNKY.

Chris - is this your process due to the funky tip percentages?

Yes it is – but more importantly, I dislike the user interaction on the tip on the ipad screen. I still want to see us have something more like a restaurant style tipping mechanism.

Have you put in a feature request? Very important that we all put in a
request for a change.

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We have put in requests and even trouble tickets to have this corrected. Any update here on timing Vin65?

@corinna @SarahBarwin

Hey guys! This is really the only thing holding numerous wineries from implementing tipping. Can we please get an update on this?

These tip numbers are just too high. If you lowered them by 5% or even added two more percentages at 5% and 10%…I think ALL wineries would be happy.

@ElJefe @Debra

Yes, that and the integrated tip and signature screen that you demo-ed for me a year ago.