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Ship Complaint Fulfillment Settings


I am hoping someone can help as WD has not been helpful and it has been 3 weeks.

I have called our fulfillment house - Aero Packing, Ship Complaint, and WD. The problem is on the WD side. During our on-boarding process, the shipping was not properly set up and it has never worked. The problem was kicked from the PM to the Trainer and still no resolution. On my 2nd call, as no one has called me back with a solution.

Here goes, hoping someone can help!

At this point –
Orders marked as “Pick Up” are good – pulling from correct inventory, displaying as picked up in TR, product out the door.
Orders to be shipped, (selecting and adjusting only the fulfillment option under the shipping tab, the method i.e. ground, air, GSO, is working and the API connection is correctly set up.):
Selecting “Don’t Send to Fulfillment” or selecting “Aero Packing” as the fulfillment option both go into Ship Compliant as null. This has been confirmed via the Ship Compliant API activity report.

I then have to talk to each of our tasting room sales folks, make the best judgement, or push through in-house fulfillment, set up as hold based off notes, makes all adjustements manually in Ship Compliant and we are days away from a club drop.

Sadly, I do not want to, but I may have to go back to Nexternal to charge the club as I do NOT want to sift through orders for days.

Where does the “Don’t Send to Fulfillment” order go?

How can I set up settings in WD for fulfillment to be assigned to Ship Complaint Aero Packing?

Does anyone know how to set this up to work?

Woof. Sounds like a headache. In ShipCompliant, under Account Settings > Fulfillment Settings, do you have Aero Packing checked?

@marissa - we took a closer look at this and I think we know what’s going on. Ben from the training team will reach out shortly :slight_smile:

Sorry for the difficulties!

It would be cool if Ben posted on this forum under the handle BenTrill.

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