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Shopping cart won't remove items

Hi all, we’ve recently run into an issue where the cart will not allow us to remove items. I can update the quantity but cannot change it to zero and clicking the “remove” button does nothing, even after refreshing the page. Anyone having similar issues or have a potential fix?

  1. What’s your site?

  2. Do you have a custom-coded cart?

Hi Ed!

Not a custom coded cart.

Spoke to support and they state that is a bug affecting several wineries they are working on. I can fix it short term by eliminating all blank spaces in my SKU’s but then I cant edit any previous orders. Just processed my club so this is a problem.

This has been going on for at least 48 hours during the height of online shopping season. Not sure how much this is costing me. But Commerce7 is looking better by the minute…

We are having the same problem at I sent an email to support.