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Source code/sales associate details

We are trying to be more diligent about tracking data capture rates and sources. I am wondering if there is a way to auto populate a couple of common of occurrences:

#1: When a new contact is created for a POS transaction, the sales associate field is not populated with whomever is ringing the sale/logged in (it’s left blank). Is there a way to correct this and eliminate the need for manual updates?

#2: For online club or mailing list sign-ups, there is no web reference on their account unless we manually update it. Is there a way to update settings, so source code is populated with “website” for example?

Thanks in advance for any insights you can provide!

  1. If everyone has an admin account then you can assign a sales associate to each admin account. Then the order is populated with the sales associate for the logged in admin. (I don’t know how this works if you use PINs.)

  2. Since everyone here has their own admin/sales associate, a blank sales associate is by elimination a website signup.

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Thanks, El Jefe. We’ve had sales associates tied to the admin accounts for some time. It auto-populates orders, but does not carry over at the contact level.

Ah. That does seem like a broken thing, else why have such a field in the Contact?

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Checking in to see if this was rectified on your side. We are having the same issue with sales associates not populating on the ‘contact list’ report. However, they do populate on other reports, so I’m not quite sure why they would be missing. Thank you.