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Template changes don't update after parse

While on the dev url I was able to create and edit template files without issue, but since the site’s gone live none of the updates are taking. If anyone else has experienced a similar issue and found a solution, I’d appreciate any help. I contacted WD in hopes of getting an answer, but they sent me here. Thanks in advance!

Hi @junghandel,

After a site goes live, the website files move location. The system should ‘refresh’ so that your FTP login accesses the new location, but once in a while it will fail to do so so you are still making changes to the dev files which are no longer in use.

To force a system refresh, you can go into the admin panel under Settings > Users > FTP Accounts > edit and make a small change (you can even just add an ‘s’ to your name) > Save. After changing and saving something on your account, the system will check to make sure it is pointed to the right set of files, and if not, it’ll update. Now you can revert any small change that you just made on your FTP account (if you want to) and you just need to re-login to the FTP.


Andrea, I could hug you right now. Thanks so much for this.

Bummer part, however, is that I reported this issue in a ticket I submitted back in January and the support agent never mentioned this. It would have saved me a lot of time and anguish, but again…thanks for coming to my aid. Greatly appreciated!

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@junghandel Sorry about that! Glad it’s all working for you now :slight_smile:

Thank you @Andrea! I had a the same problem, and remaking my FTP account fixed it.

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