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The Feature Request du Jour Thread


If you make a request please copy it here before you submit the form and lose it forever.

If you see a request you agree with, copy it to the new feature request form that can be found on the new New Feature pages in the doc section:


I think this was my second feature request, back when you started feature requests. When I submit a feature request, it would be great for you to echo the request back to me in an email, so I can retain the details of what I asked for. Thanks.


I’m going for brownie points with Brent (so my feature requests move up the ladder?):

Read rule 5:


As I read rule 5, I thought that the point was that the community should not post feature requests to the forum and expect them to get into the feature request queue. If you have a request, you still gotta use the form.

However, I think there is great utility in users sharing ideas for new features and coming to a consensus, and then submitting. I can’t imagine why Vin65 wouldn’t be okay with that, but if they are, well then let the Mighty Fist descend upon this thread and vanquish it to the garbage heap.


@ElJefe & @tsartoris - I’d say feel free to discuss ideas/features of the future on here… but Vin65 doesn’t log them/put them in the queue until they are in the request a feature form.


I think this is one of the best ways to get features “right” and to gather support from other users. Since feature requests are in a black box, we never know how many others might have requested or need them. We also might not know if we have captured the correct issue. This is where others can help improve the request. Finally, I would put it in the format that can quickly be copied and pasted into the feature request area so that we can all quickly support a need.


Some constructive feedback… Perhaps you could enhance your feature request mechanism to have a voting system where your users are allotted votes on a monthly basis to cast against the most-requested feature requests.

Right now, the requests just disappear into an abyss where they’re presumably prioritized by a group of engineers that have never sold wine before.

I know, I know. If you ask people what they want, they’ll ask for faster horses instead of a car, but we deserve a little more credit. Some additional transparency and user input, I think, would help the platform.

Introducing WineDirect Ideas

I’m still desperate to be able to see the time of day on an order from the admin panel, without having to run a sales report. Ideally on the order listing as well as the General tab (and History doesn’t work on pendings…) Thanks.


Just came out of the woodwork for no other reason than to say that I hear you and can empathize with you from both sides of the aisle. And, for the record, I wholeheartedly agree with you.

What about seeing the order time in your local time as opposed to the current and canonical Pacific Time? I don’t mean to rub salt in your wound, only to echo your sentiment: this is important and you’re right, too.


I actually don’t care what time zone, but local time at the time of order would be best. But I’ll take UTC, GMT, EDT, or BST if I have to. :wink:


My whole point was that people selling wine in the Finger Lakes are still dealing in Pacific Time (because there’s no option to choose something else at the moment). I guess this is a blended request: give us time and give it to us in the format we want it in!


Right! I happen to know that computers are very good at adding and subtracting, if you will just tell them to. :wink:


Sean posted this regarding “excluding residents of a specific state from purchasing a SKU online” -
On the ‘manage properties’ area of the product, there will be a checkbox to ‘override state profile’. Once checked, there will be a ‘Manage Compliance’ tab available on the right which will allow you to manually select which states the product is available in.
It would be great if this would be available for non-wine products. That way - we can have the state as non-shipping by default (for all wines no matter vintage etc.), but then still be able to sell non-wine items to the same state online.


I second this! Submitting the feature request form now


@ryan @Erica - Products today do not use compliance, so if a state is marked as non-compliant you should still be able to sell products to that state.


Thank you!


I’m going to keep FRing this until you get tired of it. This is in Contact->Manage Emails. I need to know what email address it was sent to, and I need to know time of day that it was sent.


Sometimes events need an RSVP. Sometimes they sell a ticket. Sometimes they ask questions via a form. One thing they should always do is allow you to easily add it to your calendar.

It would be fantastic if there were a way to create add to calendar buttons that used the necessary fields from other fields in the event component. Bonus points if it pushes updates/changes after-the-fact, but could suffice by ending with a link and suggestion to check (link to event online) for updates or further information. More bonus points if it has an easy way to invite others, where that is an option.


I wish that when searching promos, promotions that haven’t started yet and don’t expire for a long time would not be filtered under “expired”.


“Email me when my report is ready to download”.

If I am timing out on two week sales by date reports, something is wrong.