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Tracking Emails Set-Up

Having been using Vin65 ecommerce for a number of years we are now on Vin65 plus. I am trying to get our tracking emails going, but can’t figure out how to do that.

I have read the documentation and it says that they are automatically sent when a tracking number is pushed to Vin65, but ours haven’t been sending. I went to action emails to see if I needed to set it up there but that isn’t an option.

Also how do I edit the link for the tracking button


There are a few ways to get tracking information into Vin65. It can be manually added to orders, imported, pushed to us via webservice, as well as integration with ShipCompliant, Easy Ship (UPS/Canada Post) and WD Fulfillment.

Using Easy Ship, WD Fulfillment, ShipCompliant etc will trigger the emails to get sent out automatically.

Through webservice, the provider that is pushing the information to us has the option on their end to determine whether a tracking email will be sent from Vin65. Some providers opt to send out their own tracking emails, and will therefore opt to not have Vin65 send out the tracking email.

When doing a mass import, you will have the option to trigger the tracking email to be sent out.

If you are manually adding tracking numbers, you will need to check the ‘Resend Order Tracking Info Email’ box on the email tab of the order.

However, once the tracking number is in our system, the system will pull in tracking information/updates (assuming the carrier is supported). This can happen with/without a fulfillment integration.

The tracking button link can’t be edited as it is system generated. It will link to your tracking page which will look something like this, depending on the fulfillment provider:

Is there a way to STOP the emails from being triggered upon import from Shipcompliant?

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This is EXACTLY the question I am hoping to get an answer for. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey Sean,

I’m manually entering the fedex tracking numbers but somehow I’m getting a 404 error instead:

I believe we have a Vin65 Plus account. Please advise!!

Have you received an answer to this @bshapiro? I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the tracking system e-mails turned off that come from Wine Direct. We use FedEx integrated through ShipCompliant to WD. It would be SO IDEAL if the tracking information comes only from FedEx. When I called customer service I was told the system e-mail function cannot be turned off. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Hi @leah - unfortunately, we are not able to turn off the Tracking Emails from being sent as you describe. It is automatically triggered as soon as a Tracking Number is added to the order and the order is considered “Shipped”. You are also not able to delete the Tracking Email from your Email Documents list.

We’d recommend submitting a Feature Request to our team to allow for this email to be disabled here:

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the current limitations!

@leah @bshapiro Hi Guys, We use the ShipCompliant Delivery tools as they provide better information for our customers. To “Turn Off” the WineDirect emails, I am editing the tracking numbers, using excel to add a few letters at the end of each. We use 2 fulfillment locations and the letters also allow team members to tell which location shipped the order. The tracking number is no longer “valid”, so the WineDirect notifications cannot function.