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Unclaimed Wine Club Reporting

Hope you are having a great week so far. We had a question about reporting, particularly when we pull an unclaimed wine club report to see how much wine still needs to be picked up by our members. Normally this report shows the amount of wines that are still needed to be picked up .

The last couple of weeks with everything really opening back up we have been back to business as normal aka BUSY. We noticed our wine was flying off the shelf and that we had a huge number of wines left on our unclaimed sheet so cases had to have been pulled and held for pickup but that number drastically changed yesterday when our wine club shipments went out. We now realized that number also included the wines in our shipments.

Below we have posted a screenshot of our parameters that we have had set up since we started back in February. To our knowledge since we only have the ‘not picked up’ status selected it should only be showing the wines for pickup orders not yet picked up.

Now that our shipments have been shipped out ( our future ship date was 5/17) that number drastically changed. Is there a way for us to only see our not picked up orders and not have it include the not yet shipped out wines? Is it because the shipping orders do not have a status until they are shipped and scanned into FedEX?

That’s weird. If you are trying to exclude shipping orders that haven’t shipped and only pull a list of pick-up wines that haven’t been picked up, these settings look correct. Maybe report this to WineDirect. @jose