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Vinea Theme Header Image

I’m curious if it’s possible to change the header image on the Vinea Theme? The image is a static image for every page, but I’d like to have a different image for each page.

Sorry didn’t read your question fully before answering the first time.


I figured out where the banners are in the Content Editor. Thank you.

Well that is what I was going to answer you with. And to metion that the bottom file in the content editor that says “About Template Vinea” has instructions on it.

But then I reread it and realized that your question was about changing it on different pages. I am not sure how you do that. Did you figure that out?

Yes, I found the “about template vinea” link and read through it. I was able to also change every page with a different banner image. Add a content block and in the options, you can choose the page(s) that the block is applied. I’m fumbling my way through my first Vin65 project.

Great! And thanks for the advise. I had thought about creating more content blocks, but haven’t had the time to try it yet. We just set up our Vin65 site a few this summer. I am sure that you will get it all worked out. Also, I have found the community help here to be great as well as Vin65 answering questions.

No winery software is perfect, but this is the best that we have tried so far after trying two others before this one.