Void in POS

Okay - I have been working on this with a client and can’t decide if I am losing my mind or if this is a functionality issue. If you place an order in the POS and then need to return it - the system always says (in the POS) Refund and never Void. Will the system actually Void if possible, say a same day transaction, or will voids only occur when using the Admin panel and the Void/ Return function?

My gut says that it is just a language issue and that the POS will void if possible, but I can’t confirm without asking the client to go through a few rounds and checking bank statements.


Based on earlier discussions, and assuming nothing has changed, a refund does not result in a void. It’s always done as a Refund. You only get a Void if you do that directly in Payment, or if you Cancel it from the Status tab in the Admin Panel. That’s what I understand.

Hmmmmm - That is surprising to me - I could swear that functionality was there - but I could not find it in the POS myself so I made the leap to the vocab change issue. I suppose that means that the preferred workflow for a mistake in the tasting room is to get the manager to go to the admin panel and void the exchange so that the company does not incur the charge? Sounds like a feature request to me!

Don’t bother to put in a feature request chances are I will be on social security before the request becomes a reality.

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