You have 3 product(s) that have an End Date that has passed

This is a message on my Dashboard and I cannot figure out how to rectify. How do I find which products these are? I have searched my Inactive products and cannot figure it all out. Help please and Thank you!

Hi @yvonne - Try going back to the ‘Old Experience’ and revisiting your Dashboard and clicking on the message again. This will show you the products that have a past End Date, which you can edit in the product’s Properties.

Additionally, you could export a list of your products, using the Product Exporter tool, to view more details about each of your products. Read about that tool here:

I’ve flagged this with our development team. If this issue persists, please open a ticket by emailing and the team will be able to dig deeper.

Yay it worked in the “Old Experience”. Thank you so much.

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This sentence defines the development of the new product experience.