Zip code collection data

Is anyone using an app or something on their ipad pos that is collecting your customer home zip code? Our wine trail wants us to gather that info. Wine Direct says they don’t have anything built in so I’m trying the community.


Why can’t you just enter in the customer zip code when taking their order? You should be able to get it from their license when verifying age.

we are not going to open a WineDirect customer contact for every single person that buys a bottle of wine.
And no, we do not verify every person that purchases if they look over 40

I’m not going to question your business or the challenges you face, but I know of wineries that see 300+ people a day and attempt to capture data from all of them by creating new contacts. For us, we want to fully understand our customers and be able to continue to move them down the customer funnel. Having to create a new contact can be a few extra steps, but it’s really valuable in so many ways.

There are some good ways to front-load some of this work too. If you are using Tock to manage your reservations, it will create a customer record for the visitor before they even show up.


Thanks Ed. Will consider your suggestions.