All Memberships Marked as Gifts

I recently asked to have the new gift memberships activated and now all my club members are marked as gift memberships. I discovered this when I went to cancel a member and it wouldn’t let me because a recipient wasn’t specified. I tried to change it to not be a gift membership but it wouldn’t let me.

Has anyone else had this happened when implementing the new gift membership feature?

I have sent a support ticket in but thought I would start a discussion here as well.

If you see any club memberships with Pending status and the recipient is " , " this is an “old” Gift Club Membership. Prior to the Enhanced Gift Club Membership that we just launched, customers who wanted to gift a club membership would sign up for the Club Membership and enter in the Giftee’s information under Shipping Address. They were merely a Shipping Address with the old format.

The new tools have more functionalities, you can check them out here:

The gift club memberships that were added prior to the new tools will not be automatically upgraded. You will need to manually do it by going to Manage Club Membership > Pick the Club > Edit Club Membership > Click on the recipient and trigger a Gift Club Invitation email. We recommend you update your old gift memberships to the new format by sending this email. When the Giftee receives the email and accepts the Gift Membership, they will be updated to the new and enhanced Gift Membership tool.

If you don’t want to upgrade and you are okay leaving these memberships as is, it should be fine as well. It should still work the same way as before. You will just want to ignore the Pending and " , ". The only challenge is when you want to make Edits to one of these old gift memberships, it won’t let you.

If you do run into this scenario, here is how you can address it. You will want to go to Settings > Website Settings > Store > Click on the General Section and disable Gift Membership. Then log out and log back in for the changes to take effect and now you should be able to make edits to that membership. Once you make the changes, you can re-enable Gift Memberships.

Hope this helps!

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Resuscitating this …

So to make sure I understand:

If an existing club member is now marked as a Gift Member or Pending Gift Member you don’t really need to take any action? They’ll be processed in the future same as in the past?

If you decided to disable gift memberships, any memberships marked as gift would roll back to their previous state and no gift status would be on the record?


… dunno how I ended up as Vin65, but ok.

Late to the party…

I want to activate the gift memberships (I’ve done this at a previous winery). A few months back, I looked at how many were marked as gift and there were maybe 5. I looked again recently and there are about 40, which I know not to be the case. When I asked about this, I was told by WD that all clubs that have a different billing and shipping address are marked as gift. That makes absolutely no sense to me. How can we change this?

That’s weird that just because the billing and shipping are different that they would be marked as gift memberships, but that would explain when I ran report why I had so many.

Prior to activating the newer gift membership feature I ran report (created a list?) for all gift memberships. Then I went into every single account and unchecked “gift membership”, so that I wouldn’t have the issue trying to edit an old gift membership that Carisen mentioned above. Thankfully it didn’t take long and now it’s done and I don’t have to worry about it.

Is there a way to run a report to see how many “pending” clubs there are in order to clean it up?