Applying Gift Cards while in Admin Panel

Is it possible to apply a payment type for gift card using admin panel?

You can apply a gift card to an admin panel purchase when you get to the payment tab, and select gift card in the Payment By drop-down. Is that what you need?

Do we need to turn something on for that to work? I do not see gift card as a payment option type although I thought that is how it would or did work at some point in the past.

I don’t know about needing something switched on, that would be odd. Here’s is what I see on the payment tab:

Our list stops at zerodollarinvoice and there is no giftcard option to select

This sounds like a job for…

(Pst, @ElJefe, you gotta give us the cue to enter…)

@MarkCrapeau, I’m looking into what might be going on there. If you can give me until end of day Monday, I’ll have an answer for you. Otherwise contact us via the normal (official) channels and our fabulous weekend support will take care of you.


Zach, you can cross this off the list. It looks like the payment type was not set up for gift cards so when I set it up, it appears that it will work now.


Good Monday morning to you, @MarkCrapeau!

I was hoping that this was the case and I’m glad you figured it out. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you!


I am new to WD. Is there a way to enter the gift card codes on the POS? Right now when people purchase gift cards, they are sent the code and it says, “to be used on our website.” Thoughts?

It should pop up as a payment option once you reach that stage in the POS.