Best way to do Club Rejoin promotion?

I’m looking to do a “club rejoin” promotion next month- I’ll be sending out an email blast to all wine club members who cancelled during a given time period to try to encourage them to rejoin. We’ll be offering a 50% discount on their first shipment if they rejoin the wine club.

Does anyone have any experience with building a promotion like this? The way I see it is there’s two options, but there may be something I’m not seeing or considering. Either:

A) Create a welcome package that the member would have the option of purchasing when they rejoin the wine club. But we have 5 different levels of wine club- could I customize a welcome package for each separate level?

B) Create a coupon code for 50% off a single purchase, with a minimum amount of bottles purchased. But without having an upper limit I run the risk of a guest purchasing a whole case or more at a large discount.

After typing things out, option A seems like it makes the most sense, as long as I can have separate welcome packages, but I look forward to input from others.

Thanks in advance!

Are you hoping to run these re-joiners using the normal batch tool?

No, the plan is not to run them in a normal batch, which is why I’m hoping to be able to include in the email promotion some way for the rejoiner to essentially handle the re-join and transaction themselves.

Do you use User Choice (are members able to customize release wines)?

No, we do specific packages but we do allow bottle swaps as a general rule.

What happens if somebody new joins your Wine Club? Do they get access to the same welcome package?

There are a lot of really complicated ways of doing this, but may not yield a great experience for you or your customers. Perhaps you can just send the email out and anybody who rejoins, manually process the 50% off order for them.

We do these reclamation campaigns often and conversion rates tend to be fairly low, even with lucrative offers. So you may be able to keep up with the volume.

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