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New "Tip" feature


Hi all. Uncomfortable with the new tipping feature. It causes the team member to basically “ask” for a tip and puts the customer in the forced position of either giving one or saying no. The previous method allowed the customer to discreetly assign a tip if they choose to do so. I feel the new method is awkward for the customer as well as the team member. Would love to go back to the previous method! How is it working for everyone else?


We disliked it so much we stopped allowing credit card tips. Our Tasting Room attendants didn’t like it but we didn’t like the position it put our customers in.


What do you mean the new way verse the previous way? Has it changed and I don’t know?

Ours still is the first screen that pops up after sliding (really awkward). We really want it integrated with the signature screen along with lower tip amounts. 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% (four options).


We chose not to do the tips for the same reason Akaylia. I would love to see something more discreet. Is there anything in the works?