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Custom Tipping Option

Are there any changes or updates in the works in regards to the tipping screen? Ideally, we’d like to have the option for the tip screen to ONLY show a custom amount, leaving the customer to write in what they feel appropriate or bypass. The set percentages can create an awkward situation when a customer is simply purchasing bottles with minimal service.

Yeah, I think there should be more flexibility built into this. Allowing a default to a custom amount or even letting you replace the custom %s with a fixed number ($5, $10, $20, etc).


An easy idea to add to POS development.

Yes, thanks for tagging me. I’ve asked the team if there’s any chance that this is a simple adjustment now and will report back but for sure this should tie in with the All New WineDirect plans.

Does anyone know the status on this issue of custom tipping option?

Hello! Unfortunately a custom tipping option isn’t on the roadmap for our current platform (will likely be part of the All New WineDirect platform) but you are able to adjust the % that are shown as shown here

Hi @KellyKeller,

Welcome to the community, with our EMV devices you can setup the tipping to be a custom amount only without the percentages, meaning, when the total shows, it asks if the customer wants to leave a tip and then it has an open line to add the amount they would like to leave without showing percentages.

There is the option to turn on percentages on the device that matches the profile as well if wanted.

Hope this helps.