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Tip Percentages

I know that many requests have been submitted for custom or no tip percentages on the tip screen. Has WineDirect given a response to this? Does anyone know if this is on their schedule yet?


Cross-posting my comment from the Facebook group: Yes, this is on our radar and we are actively gathering feedback to understand the various issues and preferences. We certainly encourage others who have comments on this to submit a feature request so we can include in our review: Thanks!

We actually just launched a new feature this past week that will allow you to set custom tip percentages on your POS profile. We are working on rolling out communications for this feature, but you can start using it today.

When you go to edit your POS profile (Settings > POS Profiles), if you have tips enabled on the POS profile, you will now see three input boxes for tip % that you can customize.

If you need any help with this feature please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.


We are thinking about activating the tip line, but would much rather have
(custom tip, no tip, $5, $10 $20) instead of the % tip. Is this going to be a possibility?

Just to make sure I understand this, you cannot just have a blank / open / fully customizable tip line? where the customer chooses their own tip? The only option is to customize with the 3 options, or turn it off? We’ve had 2 complaints recently about a non-customizable tip line in our TR.