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Deleting system emails

Is there a work around for system emails? I want to be able to disable or inactivate especially the ‘Your order has changed’ email. Very confusing for customers as they get this for everything from a delivery date change (caused by delivery exception or request to hold at location, etc.) to a change made on our end for a compliance update (the customer had had the order for three weeks!) Is this a feature request and had anyone else wanted it?

This! I hate these emails and have not found an effective way of deactivating them. There are many unnecessary system emails that get sent out, one of my least favorites was the automated “Your Credit Card has been Updated” when there were no changes to the credit card, this caused so much confusion that I had to cancel that service because each time I asked there was no solution other than “that’s just how it is”.
Hopefully with these system emails there is a solution as I too would like to curb how often these get sent out to our customers.

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I totally agree. Our tech support has indicated that these are imbedded so far into the software that they cannot be easily deactivated. There isn’t even any real documentation regarding what and when they are triggered. Very frustrating for us as well as our customers!

Hi @BrianS - we recently added a functionality to address the Credit Card Updater scenario you are describing. Here it is:

Hope this helps!

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