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Email receipt


Is there a way to have a postcode(zip code) field put on the email receipt pop up? This would be handy to see where our ‘guest customers’ are coming from without having them fully signing up as members.


We accomplish this with a pin map and then we invite TR visitors to put a pin on their hometown.


Fun way, but hard to import that data into hard numbers right?

@kimhut123 - currently there is nothing. They have talked about adding it, but if you have the staff. Facebook that name and you should be able to find your customer.

They did add an opt-in check box…which is killer.


Be careful folks. At least in California you CANNOT ask for a zip code during a credit card transaction - unless you are shipping the product, or you are a gas station (they have a specific exemption).

This ruling was in 2011:

Since then a subsequent ruling says you can ask after the transaction is complete (isn’t this fun?):

It sounds like the perfect place and time to ask would be when you ask about emailing the receipt, since the transaction is completed then - as long as you make it clear the info is not required to complete the sale. @carisen @adriennestillman @Brent @Karson ?

I’m not sure how I feel about mining Facebook…


@ElJefe is correct with regards to California, which has some of the strictest privacy laws in the US. It is prohibited to ask for the consumer’s personal contact information, including zip code, as part of the transaction. Best practice is to do so separate from the checkout, and to inform them that it is for marketing purposes.