OPT IN checkbox - Feature Requests

Loving the new OPT IN checkbox on the email receipt page of the POS. A few feature requests would LOVE to see - chime in if you agree…

  • Ability to customize the language displayed - so instead of “Opt in to receive email marketing” we could say something like “Subscribe to our enews for recipes, wine events, online promotions and more…”

  • Ability to make the OPT IN checkbox “checked” by default - people providing their emails we feel are generally interested in receiving more than just their email receipt. If the customer is not interested in email marketing - they could “uncheck” the box.

  • When a new contact record is created when a customer enters their email, first name, last name, etc - it would be nice for the sales associate currently logged in to be tagged in the customer record (as they are already tagged in the sales receipt) - so that we could offer compensation to staff who collect email signups.


Count me in on this. Also, if there is a way to have the opt in checkbox somewhere more visible so that either the sales person or the customer do NOT hit the process button before the checkbox is selected.

I’ve been making some sales today and noticing that the check box is obscured on my iPad minis. You have to dismiss the keyboard to see it. Not good.

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Agreed to all! I’ve submitted feature requests on this topic… the box is always obscured by the keyboard on our iPad as well.