iPhone 7 card readers?

So, no headphone jack on the iPhone 7 means we need new readers if/when a user upgrades. What will we have for credit card readers with a wireless connection?

I see merchants using Square’s reader for everything (EMV, Apple Pay, …). Is our anything like that in the hopper for us?


@bill - You can use the current swipers (lighting port: https://documentation.vin65.com/POS/POS-Hardware-Compatibility#credit-card-swiper) or you can use wireless EMV readers: https://documentation.vin65.com/POS/POS-Hardware-Compatibility#EMV-credit-card-swiper.

We’re actively looking for mobile EMV readers and working with different hardware vendors as well.

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Thanks! Missed the lightening port style. I may have to give one of those a try in advance!


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They latch onto the devices significantly better, but are pretty bulky and hence aren’t compatible with a lot of cases.

I need a bluetooth reader for my iphone for an outdoor festival that doesn’t have wifi availability…asap. Please tell me you have an option.


Why does it have to be bluetooth?

The iDynamo uses the lightning jack of your phone and should work great with an iPhone.

FWIW - We LOVE our iDynamo’s now that the lightning port software bug was fixed by apple.

The lightening jack connects to the phone and then uses the phone’s cellular to transmit the transaction?

That’s correct.

Also, if you already have an iPad set up for wifi use, you can share your cellular internet very easily from your phone to your ipad. We do it all the time. Wine Direct uses very little data, so you don’t have to worry about going over if you don’t have unlimited data.

We ended up buying an iPad with 4G cellular internet on it, and pay the $20 or so a month for service. It’s very useful for offsite events, and it gives us a backup if the internet or power goes out in the tasting room. Highly recommend!