Magtek iDynamo iPad case cutting jig

Hey there!

I’ve been on a bit of a journey to try and find a case which fits on an iPad, whilst also being compatible with the Magtek iDynamo card readers (with their brackets - which are required if you don’t want them to break every other week!)

The only thing I could find on the market (and figured it might be useful to point people towards here, as it didn’t seem all too easy to find), are these cases by a company called vault enclosures. They make a few different kinds of cases which would work (and look fairly decent), but cost $200+. For this price, it would seemingly make more sense to just replace the iDynamos with the ‘kDynamo’, which is the same kind of thing (are these available for wine direct? I don’t know!)

This didn’t seem practical for us, as we have over 30 iPads + iDynamos already, so I wanted to find an inexpensive case, just so we were not breaking iPad screens constantly. I ended up making a jig, so you can cut a gap in a regular inexpesive iPad case and make it compatible. I thought I would share the design incase there is anybody else out there looking to do the same kind of thing!

I asked a local shop with a lasercutter to cut out the jig. Feel free to download it below, its already sized and formatted correctly for a lasercutter :+1: I cut on a 5mm piece of perspex I believe.

Router Jig (Adobe Illustrator file)

It is designed to be used with the dremel router, using the 650 Router bit (1/8"), and the smaller guide bushing (5/8" bushing), although you could use any router if the same size bit and bushing.

You could use any case, but I ended up using these ones here:

The very bottom of the jig lines up with the very bottom of the cases above, for a perfect cut around the bracket. Then just clamp them together, and go around the jig with the router!

Hope that helps somebody out there! If there is somebody close by who wants to drop cases off, I am happy to help cut them out if you like too.



This is great, thanks for the detailed info!


Nice - thanks for sharing @alexanderburgess !

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I have been looking for along time for a fix to this. Thanks for helping me out!

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Hey no worries! Would love to see your results if it helped you out too!