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New Tip Page - zeroes out tips (10/2019)

It seems our staff noticed that there was an update to the tip page during checkout. Apparently, you cannot simply hit the return button on the iPad keyboard screen as you USED TO BE ABLE TO DO. If you hit the return key after entering your tip, the tip is erased and the staff member gets a ZERO tip as a default.

Was there a reason for this UI change in behavior?

Hey there @cdjohnston,

We switched up the tip flow as people were accidentally leaving $0 tips when they intended to leave a tip, you can read more about it here:

I can see that we made a bit of an oversight with this change, so thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Give me a fews days to get this sorted out. My apologies!

This has been fixed.

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I’ve noticed that tips on the POS when checking out are calculated based on the total after taxes are applied. Shouldn’t the tips be calculated based on the sub-total (before taxes)? I don’t think that customers should be paying a tip on top of sales taxes…