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Old User Choice Seasons

What happens if I delete old user choice seasons? The club processing dropdown list is getting long, and I’d like to remove them from the list, but not at the expense of losing data.

Have you tried making the older seasons inactive?

I’m not quite sure what club processing drop down list you are referring to, so making them inactive might not work. Are you referring to the “season” when setting up a club?

If you are then they are in the same order that they are under the Club section (when first setting up the season). I always make sure to put the current season as #1 in the order section so that it shows up on top. Still leaves a long list but at least the current one is at the top of the list.

Im not sure what will happen if you actually delete a season and I haven’t been game to try it. It would be nice to be able to have the “hide” once the active box is unchecked.

A lot of things in this platform refuse to disappear even though they are inactive, which is vexing once you have been here a few years.

And drop down behavior is inconsistent. For drop downs that display alphabetically I resort to renaming things with a leading “zz” to force them to the end.

The drop down for seasons in club processing fortunately follows the “order” value so when I create a new season I just make sure it is number 1 and send the old one to 999.

I have been cautioned to not delete anything on this platform and until someone in the company shows up to bless it, I would advise against it.

Hi Lindsey,
Did you ever find out the answer to this question?

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