Pickup Club Orders show "on hold until" in confirmation email

Gripe of the day:

When running batch wine club orders, if you set a future ship date in the club run, that future ship date carries over to pickup orders as well.

It shows in the order confirmation email that the customer receives as this:

This is all contained in the //OrderBlob// and can’t be edited by the user.

This is confusing!!

Wine Direct: Can this be fixed please?

Everyone else: make sure to include lots of messaging above the //OrderBlob// that makes it super clear to your customer that the order is not shipping. Customers also often think that their pickups are not available after this date, so make sure they are aware.


We process our pick-up clubs separately from our shipping clubs and adjust the future ship date accordingly. For the shipping members, it reflects the actual ship date. For the pick-up members, we list the future ship date as the last day to pick-up. This has been a helpful tool for us to communicate to our members the final date to pick-up wines from the first day they are processed.


oh that’s a fantastic idea and a great workaround!

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Yeah this one is awful. I changed the text of it to say that it only applies to shipping orders, which is clunky as hell. What a silly thing to have to create a workaround for.

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