POS "hold" order changing owner

We have been encountering problems with held orders over the last month. Scenario: One associate holds an order. This is means that this is “their” customer. The “owner” comes back to resume the order, and it is GONE. The associate is responsible for the experience, and therefore receives the tip.

We have been noticing more and more that the held orders are changing “owner” names and have observed them changing back to the original owner at random. You can go from one ipad to the other, the held order will have the name of the correct owner and appear in the “upper” area of the resume order page. Then magically, it will pop into the “below” section when you go to resume.

I went to the Chrome version of the pos and that held order does not appear at all. Then reloading the POS a little later, it appears. And it had the correct owner. Then, it changes.

This is clearly not fair to the owner of the check if someone leaves a tip and it goes to another associate.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a fix? A workaround?

Hi @cdjohnston - Very sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this, I imagine it must be frustrating. I know that our team has already been in touch, but wanted to reassure you we’re doing our best to resolve the issue for you as soon as possible.