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POS requiring log-in too frequently

Does anyone have a way to make the POS require a log-in less frequently? If more than a few minutes pass, we get logged out of the POS and have to start over. It would be great if we could log in at the start of the day and log out at the end of the day. Suggestions? Fixes?

I am getting logged out whenever i close the app. When i re-open it i have to enter both my password and then also the pin which is a really slow process. I thought previously we were logged out after 24 hours but this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Hi @carynreading - This sounds like it could be a browser issue. The platform is set to keep users logged in for 2 hours at a time. Are you using Google Chrome? That’s our recommended browser for achieving the best functionality with WineDirect’s system.

Feel free to post on our WineDirect Ideas board if you’d like to suggest that users stay logged in for more than 2 hours. We welcome your thoughts!

Hi @franklandestate - Closing the POS app on your iPad will automatically log you out - this is a security feature. Keeping the app open will allow you to stay logged in longer.

Hi @carly.imhof,

Is there a way to adjust the settings so that UN and PW are required once a day and PIN is required after each order?

Hi @lori - In your POS Profiles settings, check whether you have the box checked for Force Logout After Transaction. This makes it necessary for employees to enter their POS PIN each time they ring in a new order. A manager or the person who is opening the tasting room should be able to log in with their username and password at the beginning of each day, and after that, the POS PIN system remains in place throughout the day.

Wonderful! That’s what I thought – maybe I was confused about the poster’s original question.


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