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Returned order--POS still says the customer has order to pick up

What are we doing wrong? When we refund an order (returning the entire order) in the POS, a refund goes through but the POS still says the customer has that order to be picked up. Why? Are we missing a step?

Look up the order in the order listing, search/filter by order number. Click the check box and then choose change shipping status in the Actions menu. Set it to No Shipping Required.

@zach yet another reason why I cancel orders. You need any more?

@zach Cancelling orders if you are past the original order date is an accounting nightmare. It changes prior report totals, makes reconciling to bank statements a mess, etc. The Refund process needs to be fixed to work efficiently and to do all of the things that cancel does. It needs to return items to inventory without clicking on every line item, it needs to cancel the order in ShipCompliant, it needs to notify the fulfillment house that the order has been cancelled, and it needs to mark the original order as “no shipping required” or something so that the customer account is correct. Let’s get this fixed.


All of this. We were told to turn off edit/cancel orders and refunded, not returned items not knowing the ramifications of doing so. I feel like there is just too much “customization” in some areas where it’s not needed and not enough in the places where we don’t all work the same. I think the most frustrating part is that every person that you speak to at Vin65 tells you a different “best practice.” Small wineries don’t have time to sit on the board reading every thread, every response, and the documentation doesn’t really spell out the best practices in a way that we can understand, or that if you don’t program cogs in at the beginning, they won’t show up for any orders run before they were entered. These things are important. Monday vent.

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The way I have instructed our team to refund from the POS is to FIRST “mark order as picked up” and then refund. This will clear the flag that an order needs to be picked up.

@Michael.Braga Thanks for that solution. It’s an extra step, but it definitely clears up the problem. Vin65–why do you make this so complicated!

I think it’s interesting that so many of us ALL hate the process of refunding/canceling/returning orders, and I, too, have had multiple versions of responses given to me as to why it has to be this way. It seems to me that if there are so many of us who need a customized approach to returns, that we should be able to set up the criteria in our own systems. I would like the ability to set cancelled orders to automatically remove any reference to shipping, with perhaps a check box to override that in the (rare and unheard-of) instance where I would want to return the products but somehow still wish them to be shipped. And, it’s not an accounting “nightmare” for any halfway competent accountant-it’s challenging (hey, no one likes returns!) but not impossible or exceedingly difficult-I checked. If you’re selling something, returns and damages are part of the process. I have worked at larger wineries using V65 and seen dashboards with literally thousands of orders with “no shipping status”-they have gotten so frustrated at all the steps needed to close each order that they’ve decided to ignore what should be a valuable field. I imagine that would be an accounting nightmare to deal with!

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I agree with you 100%. My staff has sweaty palms when it comes to refund/returns and with the customer facing you it is a nightmare. This issue needs a real work over. The receipt does not even print with a - negative sign or ( ) credit symbol like everyone recognizes. It asks about the refund and then says $0.00 in the top box.
Please VIN65 fix this very basic operation.


Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well :slight_smile:

We are doing some work to address the issue with “This order needs to be picked up.” flag still appearing on Refunded Orders.

We would like some feedback regarding a few scenarios. There are four general scenarios we can encounter: Full Refund, Partial Refunds, Full Returns (where Inventory is put back) and Partial Returns. Should the Pickup flag/message be removed for all these scenarios? If not all, then which ones and why? Do you foresee any other scenarios where you perform refunds but the orders still needs to be picked up?

We appreciate your help!


A Full Return example: we charge the customer for the club pickup, but customer insists they called 2 months ago to cancel. Full return, there is nothing to be picked up, order should be marked No Shipping Required or something like that since nothing was picked up.

Partial Return example: we charge the customer for a 6 bottle order but we find out they only wanted a 4 bottle package. This may happen before they pick up so when the dust settles it must be clear what is to be picked up. I don’t know how you would do that so perhaps this is a case where it needs to be fully returned (as above) and redone.

Related to Partial Return is Exchange. They come in, return two bottles and buy two others instead. At the end of this transaction the original order REALLY needs to be marked as picked up. Please don’t miss this!

Partial Refund… I can’t offhand think of a case where this would happen pre-pickup. But a Partial Refund could happen as part of an Exchange so as above it needs to be marked picked up. Partial Refund could happen post pickup where the customer states a bottle is bad (ahem) and insists on refund rather than replace. Order should remain as picked up.

Full Refund same as partial, though I’m not thinking of any scenario pre- or post-pickup for a full refund that doesn’t also involve a return. Maybe to appease an angry customer, I suppose…

Others may do things differently than me so… Maybe the simplest approach is to simply present three options on the original order: mark as Picked Up; mark as No Shipping Required; or just do nothing. Then you don’t have to make these decisions in the code.


@ElJefe Thanks for the insights!

Full Return: yes, for sure - the flag/message should be removed for Full Returns. I’ll provide the feedback about changing the order Shipping Status to our product team as well. However, the scope of this adjustment is simply to determine which scenarios should the “needs to be picked up” flag/message be displayed and which it should be removed from.

Partial Return: How do you handle this now? I would imagine that the Tasting Room staff will need to look at the original order and compare against the refund order and the difference would be what’s remaining to be picked up. If so, it would make sense NOT to remove the flag/message on Partial Return. Essentially, to help the Tasting Room staff know there is at least a portion of the order that needs to be picked up.

Exchange: I think it’s in line with my thoughts above. If the original order has 3 bottles and only one is Exchanged, the original order still has a portion of it remaining to be Picked Up. So, I think we need to differentiate between Full Exchange and Partial Exchange as well - and from what I gather, we want Full Exchange to remove the flag/message off the original order. However, Partial Exchange should NOT remove the flag/message off the original order. Would you agree with this summary?

Keep in mind that later I will be searching/reporting for unpicked up orders and if you are only suppressing a pickup message, then the order will still show as not picked up. You NEED to set a status.

This is a rare thing. If I did a partial in advance of pickup what will my staff see in POS to ensure they see the complete picture at pickup time? I don’t have a handy example. Unless it is a very clear picture that doesn’t require a lot of drilling in, I would prefer to Full Return and redo the order.

A Partial Return at pickup time is exactly the same as an Exchange in which no bottles are substituted. See next comment…

No. An Exchange happens in person. When the dust settles it does not matter whether they exchanged all or a portion of the bottles on the original order. Once the Exchange order is complete BOTH orders are considered done and picked up. The same is true for a Partial Return at pickup time.

Just adding this request in for the millionth time… I really, really need to be able to to refunds WITHOUT an order number. We have to legally take a bottle of wine back from any liquor store it was purchased from, so we don’t always have an order number to go back to.

Hi all,

You can now automatically have a Shipping Status assigned to orders refunded on the POS.

  • If the original order is partially refunded/exchanged, you can automatically set the status to “Picked Up”
  • If the original order is completely refunded/exchanged, you can automatically set the status to “No Shipping Required”

Currently this is just for the POS and can be enabled through your POS Profile. Please let us know how it works for you and any feedback that you have. Read more about it here »



Hello, is this POS feature available yet for the admin side? When we are fully refunding an order on the admin side, we want the original order to change to “no shipping required”.