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Sales By Department Report

Besides Sales Detail X, is there another way to run a sales by department? It is such a big defining part of the items/products that I am surprised we don’t have one.

Also, will Sales by Category ever work?

It kind of depends on what you want to see. I find that Inventory Sold and Daily Activity are both useful on a Department level.

We would like to be able to compare the sales in a department, ie Red Wines or Event Tickets, each year or time period. Looking up Inventory Sold is sometimes too much. Sometime we want to know quantity, as well as, dollar amount.

The Order Detail Report found under Reports > Sales > Order Detail, will have the necessary information for what you are describing. We would recommend generating this report for the date range you want to analyze.

There is a column for Department and Department Code. We would recommend using Excel’s sorting tool on these columns to split apart the transactions based on Department and comparing Quantity Sold and Ext Item Price to determine quantity and dollar amount.

Hope this helps!