Selling Futures to Wine Club Members

Any advice or anyone want to share their experience with selling Futures to Wine Club Members? How do you go about charging if the wine won’t be bottled for months?

Quick question for you, do you fulfill in-house or with a 3PL?

Following. I need to figure out the same thing. Most of my orders would be for pick up when ready, otherwise in house fulfillment.

The easiest way would just be to create a SKU and start selling it. Keep track of how many futures you will need and then once the wine is bottled and ready, then go back and fulfill those orders. This is much easier to do if your wine will be available soon and you use a fulfillment house.

Now, there are some challenges to selling futures this way. One, accountants don’t like it and two, credit card companies don’t like it if you are settling funds before you ship the product. So if you have to play it by the book, you probably need to sell futures like credits and then once the wine is bottled, apply those credits towards a new order. Depending on your volume, there are a few ways to do that in WineDirect.