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Shipping/delivery instructions

If a customer has specific delivery instructions (eg leave at front door in shade), is there a way to automatically apply it to each order, without having to type it in to order instructions? If you’re processing a club batch how do you add the instructions in, for it then to flow through to the eParcel export?

I consider nearly all delivery instructions to be promises that I can’t really keep since this relies on the goodwill of the package carrier. Especially the “leave at front door in shade” example, assuming we are talking about wine shipments here there is no UPS or FedEx driver who can legally follow that instruction without getting a signature at delivery.

Usually for wonky things like what you are looking for I use Contact flags, so that the need-to-know info is right there every time you open the Contact - and I guess you could copy/paste. Maybe somebody has a better solution than that.

If it’s a short instruction (usually gate code or shipper preference, or a ‘check before shipping’ request) I key that in the Company field or address 2 field.

Yes, they cannot legally leave wine shipments without a signature.
I would use the Company field or address 2 field as specified above.
Or if it is a club member, i use the “notes” field under club memberships in their profile. It is right under the “gift message” field. By using this method, anytime you run club processing for club orders, it will show up under the order notes for every club order. With that being said, i 100% agree with danjimerson, in that this relies on the goodwill of the package carrier and also the competency of your fulfillment center, so i dont guarantee anything with the member. But fortunately in my experience, this has been successful and helps alot. I hope i was able to help! Good luck!

Thanks everyone. I’ll add the instructions in to the address 2 field and see how that goes. Agree - totally up to the goodwill of the driver (here in Australia as well) but that explanation doesn’t always satisfy members.

Best place to put the delivery instructions is in the Notes section under club memberships as Marisa mentioned above. That way when you export your eparcel report and import that into Aus Post eParcel it automatically puts that message into the delivery instructions section in eParcel


Someone correct me please because this may have changed but address2 is a bad place to put it, because that field is limited to 8 characters. Company is much better if available.

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When I’ve ever run across things like this, I create a label in Worldship and import the tracking back into the system. In worldship I add it in the Reference area. There’s two slots, which give you a bit more room to put in instructions. However, like others have said, we can’t actually control the drivers and they have to follow their own rules.

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