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The Feature Request du Jour Thread


…yep, definitely just tried that, and definitely getting an “invalid e-mail format bounce”.


I just meant that it’s something vin65 could consider and they could unpack the individual emails from that field. SMOP - Simple Matter Of Programming :wink:


Ah! Figured this had been a “thing” that I did not know about.

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Today’s request: “You have absolutely no idea how much time you will save me if you could simply add the customer number to //ClubBlob// kthanks”


I wish that downloadable reports that are empty would not make you open the excel file. Example, coupon usage report. If it’s empty just tell me there are no records on the screen.


In Store->Products, being able to filter/search by Supplier would really be appreciated. Thanks.


Someday when you update the UI for Daily Activity please add a selection/filter for Department. Since you are messing around in the Reports code maybe now would be a good time? :wink:

It’s not a huge deal, but being able to run a report on merchandise only (for example), will help staff focus on restocking at the end of the day. Thanks!


The feature request form has moved to the new new features doc pages:

bon appetit!


I yearn for a report of products that shows “Bypass Inventory Sync” yes/no on it, or just a way to run all products that have syncing turned off. OR, make it part of the daily inventory sync email that is sent out for WD/V65 syncs.


I wish that all of the product paramters would show up without ever having to click “EDIT”. For example, on the properties tab, Advanced stuff. On the SKU tab, all kinds of stuff. I also wish that all fields of a product were available on at least one ‘report’. For example all products that bypass inventory sync, or all products that have a future public sale date, etc.


Good one. When I edit club, for example, and save, I can see everything and verify that all is as it should be. It’s almost like every Manage tab in Contacts was designed by a different programmer.

Emerson said “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…” but consistency here would be smart, more productive, and better for training.


I’m pretty good with state abbreviations, and anyone doing logistics or dealing with it often would be. However, not always is that the type of person that is reconfiguring Vin65 shipping strategies, promos, etc. etc. I wish that everywhere that you currently list out the full state name, that you’d add the abbreviation to it too. For example MO - Missouri, MS - Mississippi. Just to make it a tiny bit easier and less accident prone, plus it puts things in a matching sequence/order everywhere where the display sorting is done alphabetically. Instead of Missouri above Mississippi in one spot and below it in another.


I wish some of the “message” fields in a product would let you put HTML tags. For example, if a product is out of stock “contact us” could be a link. Or for allocated products, it could say “This is allocated, log in or do this”. etc.


Notes Request- Can the credit card updater notes be placed maybe in the credit card profile section of a customer profile? These updater notes, most of them informing us of no changes to the card are overwhelming the customer profile and actually hiding the important notes within them. Thank you.


I really wish there were an easier way to handle compliance overrides at the product level. For example an import feature or a “change all for a certain brand?” kind of thing would be tremendously helpful. Or even just streamlining the insane amount of clicks it takes to turn compliance override on and adjust a state’s yes/no within a given product.

Example: Brand A now doesn’t ship to West Virginia. They used to ship everywhere that the state menu allowed but now they differ from Brand B, C, and D.

I have to do this:
Click the row of the item to edit
Click "Manage properties"
Click "override"
Click Save
Click some other tab only so that it refreshes and shows “Manage Compliance” tab
click Manage compliance tab
Click Edit
Click state twice to open menu and select the other option
Click Save
Click Back, Back, Back, Back to get back to the list of products you’re editing

It’s insane and every time I have to do this (frequently) I get sad.


We still need this flexibility! Couriers are providing new services as their technology advances. Having a zone be limited to a state basis does not allow any feature that is not rolled out state wide (and they seldom are). For example - Let’s say GSO allows appointment scheduling, but only in certain zips (not statewide). I am so close to a set up that would allow the customer to choose the window in the shopping cart, but the service is not available state wide. Both of the POS systems we had prior allowed the courier zip code tables to be uploaded to create zone tables. Shipping discounts aside, customers are expecting more and more from delivery services and we cannot fall further behind. With wine requiring adult signature these extra features are even more important for us.


I wish the Beta reports for Inventory Summary would include a field, or even better, a filter, for “product category”. Example: I run an email sale with a special set of landing pages. I want to quickly look at the inventory of those wines that are flying out the door to replenish at fulfillment and/or turn off inventory syncing.


Carrots - I wish, other than using a million SKUs in the criteria fields, that it would know the difference between wine, event tickets, bundles, etc.

Example: If they have 1 bottle of wine I want to incentivize adding more…say, a case. I don’t want to put in 300 comma-separated SKUs into the “contains 1 or more X” fields. However, if they buy an event ticket, I don’t want to offer 1¢ shipping on 12 event tickets either. It would be a nice addition for the carrot engine to be able to use product type (among other things) if you ever expand it.


And Department…


We’ve been noticing a lot of “spoofed” emails and redirect links coming through on certain emails. A concern that has been brought up by myself and some of our members is how do they know that the button or link they are clicking is secure and not a redirect. I would like to request the option to be able to turn off the tracking feature on links in emails and be able to create links that show up to the consumer without the tracking data. For example: a login link that shows our page address and not a massive tracked link.