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Unsubscribers still receiving emails

I have a list built of our contacts with the contact type “newsletter”, when i send it out though, people who have already unsubscribed and have an email status of unsubscribe are still receiving them. Do i need to add these people to the contact type “unsubscribe” and then rerun my newsletter list and check Contact Types NOT unsubscribe?

We had this same problem. When you draft a mass email you can classify it as one of several different types of emails (action email, system email, club email or promotion email). We found that the unsubscribe feature did not apply to action emails or system emails. Thus, make sure your newsletters are going out as promotion emails using a promotion email template. Our mistake was that I had used an action email template and turned it into a newsletter email format, but it was internally still classified as an action email. Hope that helps.

We are having this problem too. I use the template given and label it as a special event email. I even unsubscribed myself to test it and I re sent the email, it still came through. I’m not sure what the problem is.

@marisa @BumgarnerWinery Have you both tried @jmaltzman’s suggestion? System Emails and Action Emails are automated and send based on specific actions taken by your customers. For this reason, they will send regardless of a contact’s subscription status. Make sure you’re using the General email category to send promotional emails and newsletters, which will not be sent to unsubscribed customers. Hope this helps!

I use the special event category, not action emails for communicating.

Yes, ours is under a promotion email category. However, i will have to check if we made the same mistake of using an action email template and then turning it into a newsletter email format.

Thank you!!

i think i may have figured out what i am doing wrong. @jmaltzman do you guys use “send mass email” for this type of email? or “send club email”?

@carly.imhof Am i correct in saying that if i use the “send club email” option, that people with and email status of unsubscribe will still receive the email i send?

Hi @marisa - Yes that is correct, club emails will still send to contacts regardless of whether they’ve opted out of your promotional emails. This is because club emails are transactional in nature rather than promotional. The Send Mass Email tool will NOT send emails to those who’ve opted out.

Got it! thank you so much!!

Happy to help!