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Voided Labels


I’ve been getting “Shipment Exception” notifications in my dashboard. Most often they are in regards to a Voided Label I created. For example, I create a label for a customer and then the customer changes their mind or wants to add to their order. I then void the label, sometimes directly through the UPS website other times via WineDirect. Our shipping is integrated with WineDirect.

The problem I’m having is that a month later, WineDirect sends the customer an auto-email: “There’s an Issue With Your Shipment”. The customer opens the email which states that a voided label has been created for them. This happens with orders I manually void, but it also happens with labels that I never voided so they can be in regards to some pretty old orders.

The problem: Typically this confuses the customer since it references to at least a month old order. It makes them think they have been doubly charged or that they will receive a duplicate shipment. Has any one had this problem? Is their an easy solution to turn off auto-emails for voided labels specifically? Thanks for your time!


I’ve run into this as well.

You will need to void it using this method. If you void this way, you won’t run into those ancient, confusing emails!


Thank you!! I will try this!


This has been a HUGE issue for me as well. I was unable to void about half of my labels, so instead I went into each of the individual orders and just deleted any connection with UPS. I went to Shipping and clicked the red X next to any “Exception” shipments.