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X Report, Z Report, ZZ Reports...End Of Day


I agree completely with megbbridge’s comments above. That is exactly what we would need as well.


I agree with megbbridge as well.


Ditto full agreement.


Me as well. Thank you.


Mostly agreed with megbbridge, however, for point number 2, I would like to know that an order was refunded but not have it impact the reporting. i.e. if there could be a second page in the report to reflect that scenario, I would like to be able to follow-up and look into why this refund was processed, and for use with potential sales training if it becomes a repeat issue.


Agree with Gordon. End of day report should show all transactions, by the channel in which it was transacted.


Or in Vin65’s terminology, the Order Type by which it was transacted.


I agree with Megbbridge. Essentially the point of an end-of-the-day report is that it reflects what SHOULD be in the till (this is theoretically assuming cash-based transactions for conceptual purposes).

  1. Yes, I would want the refund to show on the POS end of day report. (Money came out of the till = refund reported)

  2. No, I would not want the refund to show on the POS end of day if it is not done in POS (no money came out of the till = not reported); No one should be refunding in the admin panel and taking out of the POS (though I can’t say it wouldn’t happen).

  3. Yes I would want the refund to show. (money came out of the till = refund reported)


I agree with gordon.


we get any update on this? @SarahBarwin



Last post: August 31st

Your clients need you! C’mon!


Did this report come about? Being rather new, I am still stumbling around the reports myself trying to find what we need in simpler forms


Hi - reviving this thread to ask if this feature is en route?