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X Report, Z Report, ZZ Reports...End Of Day


@Brent - I know we don’t talk about Vin65, as it is the first rule…

But we’ve heard talk over the past 1-2 years about getting End Of Day capabilities. Is this still on the drawing board?

If not, vin65 community…do any of you have a Daily Report on excel you could let me borrow…preferably with 2 cash drawers, petty cash, and extra cash.



This is why we run only one cash drawer per Order Type/location. Then the Daily Activity Report is adequate, just run it for the Order Type. Extra/petty cash is handled on a paper log.


I’m late to the table on this. What would you be looking for in an EOD report? Tagging @bobby


Drawer count(input into POS), end of day closing cash & credit

Be able to have a close report for multiple POSs


Since the POS isn’t tied to a specific cash drawer, and multiple POS systems can be tied to a specific cash drawer, that might be tricky. Can you send an example report you’d like to see? From there, we can have other clients review it to see if it would also meet their needs.


An X report is “here’s what the end of (a time period, usually a day) should be, but don’t commit it yet.”

A Z report is an X report, but it puts a stake in the ground and creates an end to a reporting period.

A ZZ report just covers more than one period, like if you want a day or week, and the Daily report would seem to handle that just fine.

The concept is “Shift” rather than “day”. Think of a supermarket that is open from dawn well into the night. You close out more than one time per day.

In a winery context, you want to close the day’s activity, and re-open for an evening event.

Or (even more common) I have two people splitting a Tuesday. The first person needs to close out and the second open.

It is not an EOD report, and that’s (also) the rub. It’s a “tell me what I did since the last Z report (X), and start a new period (Z)”.


To dive in further, are you looking for a sales person report for the end of their shift, or an entire tasting room report that just happens to be at the end of their shift?


I’m looking for a report on that register for a time period that is of interest to me. At the very least, a cashier is interested in not being suspected of stealing, so they count their drawer and “Z it out”. The next person counts the drawer to ensure that the starting count is what it is supposed to be, an agreed-to amount like $200.00 for example.

In the old days of electronic cash registers you would enter the opening cash amount as part of an opening procedure. After the days activity you get the expected ending amount and so on. This is how you keep an eye on the drawer in an organized way and find problems quickly.

You might also be interested in sales performance during these discrete time frames, I suppose.

This is more about creating discrete time frames for managing the activity. It’s not simply a report, it’s a procedure, with reports and actions to support the procedure.

You do have customers who use Microsoft RMS, they can probably show you.


Jeff - Yep. I’ve seen both Z and X. For the mobile POS, since multiple people/POS systems can be tied to a single cash drawer (and a single POS systems can they can be tied to multiple cash drawers), it’s harder to close out a specific cash drawer.

If it’s more procedural for theft/tracking - our system allows for one employee to use multiple cash drawers. If it’s a single cash drawer, or if it was a one to one POS to cash drawer it gets a lot easier. What we’re trying to understand is that since it’s one to many, a traditional Z report within Vin65 wouldn’t really solve a theft problem they way it’s built today.

We’re looking for feedback on what wineries really use an EOD or end of shift report for to see if there is a better report/process for it.


People do this? Yike.


It’s not suggested, but changing the POS profile would accomplish this :frowning:


About the only way I can see to handle this is that if any POS does a Z, they all get Z-ed, and a new session has to be started.

A pool of POS attaching to multiple cash drawers without some sort of structure sounds terrible.


I would submit that a Z session would have to inhibit a profile change. Really, by definition it would have to work that way.


Makes sense.


Some great points on this discussion. Based on other client suggestions I have heard for Z reporting, I have seen many of the same concerns. From a reconciling perspective, some of our biggest barriers when developing this are reconciling the POS profile to register, stamping the opening/closing time and restricting any changes. If you use multiple cash drawers this is even more complicated.

At my previous winery, I had an offline method for opening/closing with Vin65, where we used Excel to mimic a traditional POS opening/Closing cash count by entering in the denominations and I had my staff reconcile this with the daily activity counts. We reviewed this at the end of the day or the following morning. This is fine for a small winery with one register and if your staff is not trying to steal from you, but that process is very easy to take advantage of in a large operation.

In an ideal world, Vin65, we would need to have an “assign a register” dropdown in the POS that could be locked down for the profile along with an opening and closing money count entry with a time/user stamp. Another option if we can’t assign a register could be to tie the POS profile name to a report instead of order types as it is now, but opening/closing totals would still be very important. If we can’t have an opening/closing batch within the system, then we could potentially need to have a z report that can be generated by the date and time. This would accommodate the small wineries and the large ones that are open longer than 8 hours and reconcile their counts based on shifts. For example, Suzy is the shift lead working from 8-5. She opens the register in the morning and at the end of her shift, she closes her drawer by running the report from 8-5 and including a printed copy of her receipt with the drawer. The drawer and media would be reviewed by accounting on the back end.

Without having the profile locked down and time/user stamped, you lose the ability to reconcile properly or to narrow down the time of loss or user error. Also, every client I have spoken with about this issue wants to be able to print out the Z report directly from the POS. They don’t want their staff to have access to the admin panel or have to access a computer to get the information they need when closing.


Can you share this Excel?


Hey Bobby. Any chance we can grab that excel?


CashCount.xlsx (12.2 KB)


Three questions for this thread. Let’s assume that the report you’d run would be for a single day (i.e. today), to grab the end of day info from your point of sale.

  1. If an order was placed outside of the POS (web, club, admin, etc.) but refunded in the POS, do you want the refund amount to show in end of day POS report?

  2. If the order was placed in the POS but refunded outside of the POS (admin panel) do you want the refund to show in the end of day POS report?

  3. If an order was placed last week but refunded today in the POS, do you want the refund to show in the end of day POS report?



  1. Yes, I would want the refund to show on the POS end of day report. And it would be even better if the refund referenced the order # it was refunding.
  2. No, I would not want the refund to show on the POS end of day if it is not done in POS
  3. Yes I would want the refund to show.