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Service Interruption?

I know these get posted from time to time, but I have an irate client that is swearing that all of WineDirect was down this past Sat the 17th of August. Here is what showed: 22%20AM

Anyone have a reason beyond local (to the client) internet issues that they would have been unable to access any WineDirect service when WIneDirect was up, just slowish?

A short (10-20 minute) extreme slowdown is hardly a rare occurrence for wine direct. The resolution of your posted graph wouldn’t show such a slowdown. Extreme slowness causes searches and other actions to time out, and would appear to most people as an outage.

Heck, we just had a 20 minute slowdown this morning. Although it wasn’t “down,” we effectively couldn’t do our job for a bit.

I know the resolution there is too poor to tell, but I can’t go backwards on the daily graph - there was a spike, but it wasn’t huge, no more then 4k MS. I spend a lot of my day logged into WineDirect admin panels and rarely have issue, but since I’m not on the POS much anymore I figured I’d throw it out there. The client did say that the WineDirect site was down as well - notice that?

I wasn’t around then, so I can’t verify, but a spike of 4,000ms is effectively down. The “outage” this morning was spikes of 600ms.

From what I can gather, it appears that the servers for the admin panel and pos are separate, and can independently go down. But it also appears that the backend databases are shared. I’ve seen instances where the admin panel and POS are “working” but you can’t pull up any customers.

Long story short, I would have no reason to assume your client is incorrect. I’m sure wine direct was down for a bit that day.

Hopefully wine direct can chime in here with some better information than my wild guesses.

That would make some sense perhaps. I did hear from support that they were experiencing a slowdown - I suppose super slow is effectively 0 at some point. I’m not assuming that client is incorrect - just trying to figure the issue - but I did have other clients that were problem free at the same time with high volume on the POS - so I’m a little puzzled.

Are there multiple POS servers like there are siteadmin servers I wonder - that might explain it a bit more… @carisen - can you chime in on the “behind the curtain” working of the POS at all?

@jay - yes, when you log in, you connect to different POS servers based on the load balancer you are on. So, it is indeed possible that someone is experiencing down time when others are not.

Hope this helps!

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Didn’t the status page use to say which were down?

Negative. Status page showed all was good and operational.

It definitely used to list individual servers, eg POS1, USWEST1, etc.

Ohh, I didn’t catch the tense - yes, it certainly did.

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Ah nostalgia!..the days of having to be strategic when running large reports. Thank goodness we’re past that.